Native species nursery

We oversee a nursery with a capacity for 500 thousand native species seedlings in Maranhão

At SamaÚma, we're dedicated to managing, implementing and overseeing native species nurseries. Our dedication to biodiversity preservation and ecosystem restoration guides our precise nursery oversight. Through strategic planning, rigorous quality control and extensive knowledge of native flora, we ensure optimal nursery performance and deliver top-quality seedlings for restoration initiatives.

Teaming up with, we've set up a native nursery right in Maranhão, ready to nurture over 500,000 seedlings. Our expertise in large-scale reforestation, ability to develop cost-effective solutions even in remote areas and commitment to building strong community ties give us the confidence that we can set up nurseries anywhere in Brazil, with plenty of room for growth.

Our approach

Strategic Planning: We begin by developing comprehensive nursery management plans tailored to the specific needs of each project. These plans outline key objectives, timelines, resource requirements, and quality standards.

Seed Sourcing and Acquisition: We carefully select seeds from trusted suppliers and conduct rigorous quality checks to guarantee genetic diversity and seed viability. By partnering with local communities and Indigenous groups, we access a diverse range of native species while promoting sustainable harvesting practices.

Nursery Operations: Our skilled team oversees all aspects of nursery operations, including seed processing, germination, seedling production and care. We implement best practices in irrigation, fertilization, pest control, and disease management to promote healthy seedling growth.

Quality Assurance: Quality is paramount in everything we do. We adhere to strict quality assurance protocols to monitor seedling health, assess growth rates, and address any issues promptly. Regular inspections and maintenance activities ensure that our nurseries meet the highest standards of excellence.

Community Engagement: We believe in the power of collaboration and actively involve local communities in nursery activities. Through training programs, capacity building initiatives, and employment opportunities, we empower community members to become stewards of their natural heritage.

By investing in large-scale reforestation and fostering local partnerships, we are driving positive change, restoring biodiversity, and building resilient ecosystems for future generations.