Collaborative Restoration for Community Development

We work with underrepresented communities in Brazil to strengthen forests and people through impact investments

Our projects protect biodiversity hotspots that hold the key to climate mitigation

SamaÚma is an innovative social-environmental consulting firm and startup located in the heart of Brazil. We empower Indigenous people, traditional communities and marginalized urban populations by facilitating investments in climate solutions, climate mitigation, and adaptation projects.

We develop community-led projects with the best natured based solutions for our partners

By working hand in hand with local stakeholders, we ensure that our restoration efforts are not just about regenerating ecosystems but also about meeting the unique needs and aspirations of the communities that call these lands home.

At our core, we excel in social and environmental impact assessments, proficiently navigate risk management, and conduct thorough project feasibility studies.


And that's what keeps us going: we want to see the communities and forests across our country thriving.

We created a unique method to plant on a massive scale in Brazil. Millions of trees and hundreds of hectares are now in the process of restoration.

Why? Because, from the very beginning, we believed in a holistic approach that recognizes the intrinsic connection between people, the land, and the restoration of ecosystems.

Our partners

We believe that true growth only happens in harmony with many voices.

Join us in fostering authentic progress through collaboration and partnership.