Mangroves & Amazon

We are planting thousands of trees in areas that connect two threatened ecosystems

The project Maranhão: Connecting Ecosystems and stories was born from the opportunity to work with the interconnected ecological restoration of two threatened ecosystems, mangroves and transitional areas of the Legal Amazon, in the state with the highest poverty rate and vulnerable quilombola communities in Brazil.

Unfortunately, today several black traditional communities are facing constant pressure from deforestation, which jeopardizes the ecosystems and the livelihoods of thousands.

From the coast's mud to the Amazonian soil, the locals depend on subsistence agriculture, fishing and crab extraction. As degradation intensifies, their sources of survival become increasingly scarce.


What we are doing to help

1.Develop a corridor spanning around 2 thousand hectares, connecting transition areas of the Legal Amazon with mangroves.

2.Improved biodiversity: restoring critically important mangrove areas for crabs, manatees and other local fauna species.

3.Establish a Value Chain in Quilombola communities and engage stakeholders Across the State.

4.Empower and employ at least 40 people as seed collectors, planters, and local leaders, contributing to both economic growth and community leadership.

5.Conduct workshops and training activities with the local community to establish a connection to a nucleus of native seed collectors from the Amazon; Form a partnership with local fishermen to ensure a continuous flow of mangrove seeds.

Mangroves store three to five times more carbon per equivalent area than tropical forests.

Help us preserve this ecosystem.